Adopt a Classroom

The Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) Adopt a Classroom program will provide our volunteers with an opportunity to connect virtually with classrooms from the across the state. Volunteers will help school-aged children understand the importance of Indiana agriculture. Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) members can build a connection to these classrooms while sharing their agriculture story.

Adopt a Classroom program volunteers will interact with students virtually through live or recorded video lessons, letters and photos. Many of our volunteers may adopt classrooms within their home county. This program will allow us to connect with classrooms from across the state and provide an insight to all Indiana agriculture.

For more information, please contact us at (317) 692-7870.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Indiana Farm Bureau members willing to participate must commit to becoming an INFB AITC volunteer. An INFB AITC volunteer must participate in a training session, sign a code of conduct form and report all classroom visits. Additional information, including the AITC handbook, can be found in the Volunteer Center section of the INFB website.

An Adopt a Classroom volunteer will interact with their classroom(s) through virtual formats, letters, photos or videos. Other ways to interact with the classroom include sending in a “kit” containing seeds, pumpkins, books, lessons or activities. Then, the volunteer can use a virtual format to conduct a lesson or activity with your classroom!

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Classroom Sign-Up

Agriculture topics can relate to science, math, engineering and technology in the simplest ways. Agriculture is very important to communities across Indiana and has a huge impact on our economy. Our volunteers will provide you a connection to the story of how food goes from farm to fork! Your students can correspond to their volunteer with questions throughout the school year.

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