Political Action Committees

Give Voice to Your Viewpoint

Commonly referred to as a PAC, a political action committee is a group of people who give financial resources to a shared cause to help a candidate get elected to public office. In the case of Indiana Farm Bureau’s two PACs, ELECT and AgELECT, the shared interest is agricultural friendly public policies.

PACs act as a natural extension of the democratic process to get people involved in the political process. By getting a number of people together behind a common goal, i.e., more ag-friendly candidates can be put in to office. Once elected, they will help create and pass policies that benefit the agricultural community.

PACs assist a candidate by helping to fund the campaign itself. The funds are used for direct mailings, radio and television advertisements, and more traditional campaign items such as pens, pencils, and stickers. PAC funds are valuable in funding a candidate’s campaign along with the contributions of individuals.

PACs are highly regulated by both state and federal laws. PACs are required to periodically file campaign finance reports of all receipts and expenditures. This allows the campaign contribution process to be open to the general public in order to see how much money is going where as well as the origin of the funds.

INFB Political Action Committee Frequently Asked Questions

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