Indiana Farm Bureau H-2A Member Benefit

INFB Offers Access to Great Lakes Ag Labor Services, LLC

Melons in FieldIndiana Farm Bureau is proud to offer its members access to the services provided by Great Lakes Ag Labor Services, LLC (GLALS). This entity, established by Michigan Farm Bureau in 2015, supports employers' efforts to meet their seasonal workforce needs through the H-2A foreign worker visa program.

GLALS is headquartered in the Michigan Farm Bureau office located in Lansing, Mich. GLALS has partnered with Varnum Law to provide legal support and 24/7 online access to the Labor Compliance guide.

Services Available

Available services through GLALS include:

  • Pre-approval management review conducted by Varnum Law.
  • Drafting, filing and processing of three government agency applications including your employment contract in English and Spanish.
  • Translation services/support.
  • Domestic recruitment advertising, bilingual applicant interviews, reference checks and documentation.
  • Foreign recruitment matching worker expertise to meet specific labor needs.
  • Arranging and providing in-country support for visa appointments at each U.S. Consulate.
  • Complete transportation coordination from worker’s hometown to the worksite.
  • Calculation and payment of individual worker reimbursement.
  • Bilingual worker orientation and training.
  • Streamline on-boarding process by providing pre-filled documents.
  • Support during U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division audit.

For more information and pricing, contact John Shoup at 317-692-7801 or