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Farmers Work Hard. So We Do Too.

We're the number one writer of farm insurance in Indiana, and there are several good reasons for that. With our broad coverage, low rates, and exceptional customer service (we have offices in all 92 counties), our goal is always to give you affordable, accessible protection that you can depend on. Talk to us today about our farm and crop insurance and we’ll get started.

Auto Coverage You Need. In a Language You Know.

Like it or not, auto accidents happen every day, which is why we want you to have the coverage you need. Talk to one of our agents today, whether you're already insured with us or not. At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, our job is to make sure you have the auto insurance that suits your needs. If you do, we’ll let you know. If you don’t, we’ll make it better.

Coverage You Want. For the Home You Love.

Whether you own a home, are thinking about owning a home, or simply want to know your options, we can provide you with the right homeowner's policy to suit your bottom line. An Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent will show you the policy that suits your needs for a low price, no matter where you hang your hat.

Their Rental Property. Your Possessions.

We know the best part of renting is being responsibility-free. However, guess who else is free of responsibility if something happens to your personal property? Your landlord. In the event of a theft or fire, it's very unlikely that any of your personal property, like expensive electronics or valuable jewelry, would be replaced by your landlord's insurance. 

There is good news, though. Indiana Farm Bureau's renter’s insurance is incredibly affordable, costing less than a dollar a day.

When Your Life changes. We’ll Be There.

Life insurance is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. We’re willing to bet it does more for you and your family than you even realize.

Life insurance can:
  • Pay final expenses related to funeral and burial costs.
  • Pay off outstanding debt, including cars, credit cards and mortgages.
  • Pay for your children's future educational expenses.
  • Help pay the bills and ongoing living expenses for your spouse and family.
  • Help continue the operations of a family-owned business.

Rest Assured Your Business Is Our Business.

When you own a business, there are as many risks as there are rewards. Fortunately, our team of commercial field underwriters can protect you by tailoring an insurance policy that covers everything from auto and liability to property and workers compensation (as well as covering your company's buildings, your bodily injury and litigation expenses, and any loss of income resulting from temporary shutdowns). So while the business world might be scary, your insurance policy won’t be.

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