Public Policy

Representing Your Voice

The Indiana Farm Bureau public policy team works tirelessly on behalf of Hoosier farmers and Indiana agriculture. At the grassroots level, county Farm Bureaus discuss local policy needs and make recommendations to the annual Delegate Session, where members from all 92 counties vote on the issues the state organization will support for the upcoming year. While INFB's well-respected lobbyists push through state legislation, on-the-ground teams assists individual farmers with local concerns. Staff, leadership and volunteer members also advocate in Washington to make sure federal policy favors farmers and agriculture.

National Issues

The INFB team works with Congress and federal agencies to make sure that Washington D.C. is in touch with the needs of agriculture and rural communities in Indiana. LEARN MORE

State Issues

Indiana Farm Bureau is one of the most powerful voices at the Indiana Statehouse. Strong grassroots engagement from members reinforces the daily efforts of our state lobbyists. LEARN MORE

Local Issues

All politics is local. Indiana Farm Bureau has a staff of experts with years of experience specializing in issues that hit closest to home. LEARN MORE


Water is the source of life, but regulations for drainage and other water-related projects can be the source of confusion. Check out these resources before you start. LEARN MORE

Take Action

Indiana Farm Bureau works tirelessly on your behalf, but sometimes we need YOUR voice.  LEARN MORE

Policy Development

Indiana Farm Bureau’s policy reflects the opinions of our members relating to agriculture and rural issues. These policies guide our legislative and regulatory position on these important issues. LEARN MORE

Political Action Committees

Indiana Farm Bureau has two political action committees: ELECT and AgELECT. Learn the purpose of each and how you can support both to help elect ag friendly candidates at the federal and state level. LEARN MORE

INFB 100 - Advocacy History

Indiana Farm Bureau has been at the forefront advocating for many important pieces of farming and agriculture legislation.  LEARN MORE