Awards and Competitions

Outstanding County Program

This program recognizes outstanding county Young Farmers & Ag Professionals programs for community outreach and involvement, award participation and local Young Farmers & Ag Professionals activities. The top overall county is awarded $1,000 to take back to their county Farm Bureau.. LEARN MORE

Discussion Meet

Participants will acquire a better understanding of how people think in groups for the purpose of solving problems. Topics range from how to best approach day-to-day challenges to discussing modern agricultural issues. LEARN MORE

Excellence in Agriculture Award 

This award recognizes Young Farmers & Ag Professionals who do not derive the majority of their income from a farming operation. Participants are judged on their involvement in the agriculture industry, leadership ability, involvement and participation in Farm Bureau and other community organizations. LEARN MORE

Achievement Award

This award recognizes outstanding young farmers whose farm management techniques and community commitment set a positive example to those involved in agriculture. Applicants must derive the majority of their income from a farming operation and are judged on their leadership involvement and farm management techniques. LEARN MORE