New name, focus reflect growing number of ag-related careers


Indiana Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers program now has a new name: Young Farmers and Ag Professionals. The name became official at the INFB Young Farmer Conference in late January.

Indiana youth have had an official voice in Indiana Farm Bureau since 1938. And through the years, INFB programs and resources have advanced to meet their changing needs and challenges.

YFAP_ Rural Youth 1946The initial way for young people to become involved in Farm Bureau was through Indiana Rural Youth. The membership program encouraged education and participation in local government, study of current issues, and planned community service and recreation.

Indiana Rural Youth expanded in the 1950s to accommodate young people who moved to towns and cities for their careers.

In 1969, the Young Farmers program was established to help young farmers develop their leadership skills and become strong advocates for agriculture in their local communities.

YFAP_ Rural Youth 1946Today, with an ever-growing number of ag-related careers around the state, Young Farmer leadership saw an opportunity to refocus and rename the program to encompass young people in these professions.

As Young Farmers and Ag Professionals, the group looks forward to adding new members with new perspectives to help Indiana Farm Bureau and the state of Indiana progress as agricultural leaders.

The officers for the State Young Farmer & Ag Professionals Committee are (from left) Jake Smoker, chairman; Ryan Hilton, vice chairman; and Abby Michel, secretary.

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