Nov 16 1938

Good Clean Fun

Indiana Rural Youth is founded.

Designed for farmers 18 to 30 years old, Indiana Rural Youth encourages education and participation in local government, study of current issues, planned recreation and community service. Rural Youth meetings are just “good, clean fun.”

At age 27, George Doup (future president of Indiana Farm Bureau) becomes the first president of Indiana Rural Youth.

Feb 01 1958

An Inclusive Group

Indiana Rural Youth’s membership peaks at 4,024.

The name of the organization expands during this time to Indiana Rural Youth/Young Adults to accommodate the addition of rural youth who have moved to towns and cities for work.

Sep 01 1969

Developing Leaders

Indiana Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer program is formed.
The Young Farmer program is established to help young men and women capitalize on the opportunities and overcome the challenges in the agriculture industry by becoming stronger leaders and more dynamic voices in their local communities.
Dec 01 1969

Cream of the Crop

Indiana Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer award, now known as Young Farmer Achievement Award, is created.

The Young Farmer award recognizes and rewards outstanding young Farm Bureau members whose farm management techniques and commitment to their communities set a positive example for others involved in production agriculture.

John Aker, a Putnam County grain and hog farmer, is the inaugural winner.

Sep 11 1988

A Golden Year

Indiana Rural Youth/Young Adults celebrates 50 years.
The celebrations, organized by each county, reunite former Rural Youth/Young Adults members. The reunions feature a pitch-in dinner and live entertainment.
Jan 01 1990

End of an Era

Indiana Rural Youth/Young Adults program comes to a close.
Dec 01 2002

Excellence Awarded

The Excellence in Agriculture Award recognizes participants for their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability, involvement and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations.

The award is given to members who do not derive the majority of their income from an owned production-agriculture operation. Joy Tracey from LaGrange County was the inaugural winner.

Oct 01 2007

INFB goes to College

Purdue University becomes the first University in Indiana to establish a Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter.

Purdue University’s collegiate chapter offers leadership and citizenship engagement opportunities for students interested in agriculture. Opportunities include career development, service learning, scholarship assistance and professional networking.

Mar 21 2008

Back to School

Vincennes University’s agriculture-based club joins Indiana Farm Bureau as an official Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter. The chapter is actively involved in the community and hosts several events such as cookouts, bowling, fundraisers, international trips and agricultural tours.

Dec 01 2016

Hunting for Opportunity

Huntington University starts a Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter.

Huntington University is the newest Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter. The Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies at Huntington University promotes a Christian perspective on agriculture and examines questions of sustainability and justice.

Jan 26 2019

Prioritizing the Future

Young Farmers becomes Young Farmers and Ag Professionals
At their annual leadership conference, INFB Young Farmers celebrate the program's 50th anniversary, and look to the future with a new, more inclusive name and focus: Young Farmers and Ag Professionals.