Make Your Voice Heard

Indiana Farm Bureau provides many resources, from classroom education to policy advocate groups, to assist you on all topics related to farming and agriculture in Indiana. So, whether you just want to learn a little more on a topic, be advised by subject matter experts, or make yourself heard on topics of importance to you, Indiana Farm Bureau is here to help.  

Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom is Indiana Farm Bureau’s outreach to children and youth, Pre-K through grade 12. LEARN MORE

County Farm Bureau

There are 92 county Farm Bureaus located throughout Indiana. Each county Farm Bureau offers a range of programs, member discounts and volunteer opportunities. LEARN MORE

For Farmers

An Indiana Farm Bureau policy expert can provide guidance on many issues affecting agriculture. LEARN MORE

For Volunteers

Farm Bureau members across Indiana plan events, programs and activities that educate and promote farming and discussion of agriculture-related issues. LEARN MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to your questions about farming and food safety? You've come to the right place. LEARN MORE

Scholarships and Grants

Indiana Farm Bureau has several scholarships and grants available for our members. LEARN MORE

Public Policy

INFB public policy team represents farmers on all agriculture issues in all 92 counties at the local, state, and federal level.  LEARN MORE

Women's Leadership Committee

Indiana Farm Bureau understands the vital role women play in the success of Indiana agriculture. That’s why the Women’s Leadership Committee was established. It’s dedicated to educating the public through programs and events that promote a positive image of agriculture. LEARN MORE

Young Farmers and Ag Professionals

We know the future of farming is in the hands of the young. That’s why Indiana Farm Bureau makes it our mission to find those who have a passion for farming and a hunger to learn more.  LEARN MORE

H-2A Labor Services

Indiana Farm Bureau is proud to offer its members access to the services provided by Great Lakes Ag Labor Services, LLC (GLALS). This entity, established by Michigan Farm Bureau in 2015, supports employers' efforts to meet their seasonal workforce needs through the H-2A foreign worker visa program. LEARN MORE

Mental Health Resources

At Indiana Farm Bureau, we’re focused on supporting the livelihood and wellbeing of each and every member of the state’s agriculture industry. This includes connecting our members with resources to help them deal with stress and anxiety and advice for helping colleagues, neighbors, friends or family do the same. We are stronger together.  LEARN MORE