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Despite obstacles, INFB’s policy process continues

Jul 2, 2020, 14:35 PM by Brady Hagerty, INFB Marketing Team


Indiana Farm Bureau’s policy development process has been moving forward in spite of COVID-19.

Over the past few months, Farm Bureau members have been meeting virtually to discuss and develop policy recommendations that address local, state and federal issues impacting Hoosier agriculture.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the unforeseen impacts to agriculture that emerged from it, county Farm Bureaus were able to submit up to three new policy recommendations that are not in the current policy books or that a county did not previously submit. Those new and existing policy recommendations developed at the county level were due back to INFB by June 15, where they were then assigned to a policy advisory group (PAG) for review.

The 11 PAGs met virtually between June 22 and July 3 to review additional policy recommendations. The PAGs final recommendations were submitted to the resolutions committee on July 3.

The resolutions committee, which is made up of 26 Farm Bureau members, will review all of the policy recommendations submitted by the counties, the districts, the policy advisory groups, the State Young Farmer Committee and Collegiate Farm Bureaus. As planned, the resolutions committee will meet in person at the INFB home office July 29-30 to determine which policy recommendations will be considered by the full delegate body during the INFB policy session.  

INFB’s delegate session will take place in person on Saturday, Aug. 29, at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. Accommodations are being made for social distancing. Each of Indiana’s 92 counties will be represented by voting delegates, the number of which is determined by the size of the county’s membership. During the session, voting delegates will vote on INFB’s 2021 policy priorities and craft Indiana’s recommendations for changes to American Farm Bureau Federation policy.

Due to the health concerns with COVID-19, modifications are being made to the resolutions committee meeting and delegate session to ensure staff and members are safe while meeting in person. If for some reason one or both meetings cannot take place in person, INFB has contingency plans that will be provided if needed.

Reach out to Katrina Hall at khall@infb.org for any questions about policy or the policy development process.