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Faces of Farm Bureau - special projects intern Audrey Bodie

May 28, 2018, 09:04 AM by Molly Zentz, Marketing Team

Faces of Farm Bureau_BodieAudreyAudrey Bodie is not your average intern. She joined the marketing team for the summer and is devoting her time to one special project: researching the past 100 years of Farm Bureau history and planning for the organization’s upcoming centennial celebrations.

As special projects intern, Bodie will spend her time digging through historical archives to identify crucial points in Indiana Farm Bureau history, focusing on things that helped form the organization and make it what it is today.

To kick-start the process, Bodie and other members of the Farm Bureau staff met with the newly formed anniversary steering committee. The committee is made up of INFB members from across the state – most of whom have been active members for many years.

At their first meeting in May, the INFB marketing team discussed several ideas for honoring the organization’s rich history. They also gathered insight from the committee on what aspects of the organization’s history most interest our members. These highlights give Bodie something to focus on as she identifies milestones and creates a timeline of the past 100 years.

“This is a milestone anniversary, and we do not want crucial events to be missed,” explained Bodie. “Because this is my sole focus for nearly four months, I will be able to compile materials from across the hundred years, whether the materials are photographs through the century or points on a timeline.”

Bodie is a political science and history major at Butler University in Indianapolis. She will be a senior this fall. She says she loves researching historical information to see if there are any patterns.

“I love having access to old Farm Bureau photographs and copies of The Hoosier Farmer to see what was important to INFB during those times,” she said.

Bodie grew up in Lakewood, Ohio, on Lake Erie. She is the youngest of three kids. Since starting her college career at Butler, she’s held several internships at places such as the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C., and the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site in Indianapolis.

Her internships have prepared her for this special project of honoring our history as an organization and those who made it what it is today.

“I am so excited to help out with the celebration and lucky to be a part of this milestone.”