Indiana Farm Bureau License Plate Available for Purchase in 2020

Molly Zentz, APR

(Indianapolis) – December 19, 2019 – An Indiana Farm Bureau special recognition license plate will be available for purchase from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles starting Jan. 1, 2020. A $15 supplemental fee and a $25 group fee is due for each Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. plate that is purchased. Proceeds from the group fee, which was coordinated in 2019 in celebration of INFB’s 100th anniversary, will go to the Farm Bureau Foundation which supports youth in agriculture in Indiana.

“Indiana Farm Bureau pursued this special recognition plate while celebrating our 100th anniversary,” said Debra DeCourcy, chief marketing director. “It’s something that can live on beyond our 100th year and support the future of agriculture through youth education.” 

In addition to supporting the Foundation, INFB launched the license plate in an effort to increase brand awareness.

“Members of Indiana Farm Bureau and other supporters of agriculture will be seen with the plate on their vehicle as they drive the state and even across the country,” said DeCourcy. “That’s great for a non-profit like us, as we’re always looking to generate more awareness for our organization.”

INFB encourages all supporters of agriculture, not just Indiana Farm Bureau members, in the state to consider purchasing the plate come January.

“We know we’re one of several great organizations with license plates available that support the agriculture industry in Indiana,” said DeCourcy. “That’s a great thing! We’re happy to be yet another avenue for folks to show their support for Hoosier farmers.”

Starting Jan. 1, the INFB license plate can be purchased from the BMV website:, any BMV Connect kiosk, or BMV Branches and BMV Partial Service Providers. The plate can be ordered at any time throughout the year.

More information can be found online at

About Indiana Farm Bureau: 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB). Since 1919, it has protected the livelihood, land, equipment, animals and crops of Hoosier farmers and is the state’s largest general farm organization. As a farmer’s strongest advocate, INFB works diligently to ensure a farmer’s right to farm, because agriculture is so vital to Indiana’s economy.  Learn more at