Members asked to share Farm Bureau memorabilia during convention

Farm Bureau memorabilia

Indiana Farm Bureau memorabilia will be on display during all three days of the 2019 state convention as part of INFB’s anniversary celebration.

“I know how much I enjoy looking at memorabilia from the early days of Farm Bureau, and I suspect other members do too,” said Debra DeCourcy, APR, INFB’s chief marketing director.  It’s for this reason that INFB will be hosting a Farm Bureau Museum – a room where members can showcase their Farm Bureau memorabilia for all to see and admire.

“Because we realize these keepsakes are especially valuable to you, Farm Bureau will not accept items in advance,” DeCourcy explained.

Instead, members are asked to bring items with them to convention. At a designated room in the French Lick Springs Resort, the items will be cataloged and placed on display during the convention. 

 “This room will be staffed during its hours of operation, so you can feel comfortable your collectibles are safe,” DeCourcy said. Upon conclusion of the convention, those who contributed items will be asked to come back to claim them.

“So dig around in your closets and county offices and let’s display some Farm Bureau history for all to see,” she added.