Boone County landowner is 400th new member

Jim Garland of Boone County was signed as a new voting member in June, and in doing so he became the 400th new member signed by a volunteer during Indiana Farm Bureau’s 100th year.

Garland and his wife, Pat, own a farm in Lebanon, Indiana, but have never farmed it themselves. Tom Dull, Boone County Farm Bureau member, has known the Garlands for years – and even attends the same church.

During Boone County Farm Bureau’s last membership push, Dull, knowing how much Farm Bureau does for farmers and landowners alike, asked the Garlands if they were members and learned that they were not. Dull gave the Garlands an application and information on member benefits and explained INFB’s legislative efforts, then followed up a week later with a copy of My Indiana Home magazine.

“I gave them a few weeks to think it over, and then I asked Pat if they had given it any thought and she told me that she had already filled out the online application and joined,” said Dull.

“Indiana Farm Bureau’s work on property taxes has a huge impact on landowners, and it’s important for us to think beyond the actual farmer when it comes to membership,” explained Dull.