Year of Uncertainty: Hoosier farmers consider planting options

Prevented planting-New corn

As June 5 (the prevented planting date for corn) passed, farmers in many of the major corn states faced a difficult decision during this difficult spring: Whether to keep planting corn or switch to beans.

While a brief spell of drier weather in early June allowed farmers to make significant progress, farmers in many states – including parts of Indiana – still had a lot of unplanted corn acres as of the June 9 “Crop Progress & Condition Report,” which came out just after the prevented planting date.

An additional complication is the USDA’s recently announced Market Facilitation Program, which – at least at the time it was announced – would provide an unknown payment only on planted acres.

Corn planting

Comparing 2019 with the 5-year average

                                         June 9, 2019                            5-year average

Indiana                                    67%                                         98% 

Illinois                                      73%                                         100%

Iowa                                        93%                                         100%

Kansas                                     89%                                         97%

Michigan                                 63%                                         95%

Minnesota                               92%                                         99%

Missouri                                  81%                                         98%

Nebraska                                 94%                                         99%

North Dakota                          93%                                         98%

Ohio                                        50%                                         96%

South Dakota                           64%                                      99%

Wisconsin                                78%                                         96%