AgELECT kicks off election with $20 for 2020 campaign


The AgELECT endorsement process will begin in earnest in February 2020, and contributions to candidates reinforce that endorsement process. 

To prepare for the 2020 election cycle, the AgELECT political action committee is kicking off a fundraising campaign called $20 for 2020. 

“The 2020 election is quickly proving to be one of the most important elections in decades.  Through contributions to AgELECT, our members can make a difference for agriculture,” said Dana Carter, INFB political engagement manager. 

The $20 for 2020 campaign is seeking donations in multiples of $20 to help support candidates who stay up to date on the ever-evolving needs of the agriculture industry. For a quick, easy and secure way to donate, visit Donate to AgELECT

AgELECT-endorsed candidates are carefully vetted to ensure that, once elected, they will be advocates for agriculture. For more information on how to support AgELECT, become a trustee or run for elected office, contact Dana Carter.