Fayette County farmer is 300th new member

Daniel Lamberson of Fayette County was signed as a new voting member in May, and in doing so he became the 300th new member signed by a volunteer during Indiana Farm Bureau’s 100th year.

Lamberson farms in Connersville, Indiana, where Fayette County Farm Bureau President Steve Walker also farms with his family.

Walker has known Lamberson for about 10 years. In fact, they frequent the same breakfast establishment, and Walker says they’ve talked regularly for the last couple of years, mostly about their shared profession.

Awhile back, Walker says he sent Lamberson an application to join Farm Bureau but hadn’t yet heard back from him. So when an opportunity came his way to speak to state Sen. Mike Braun on behalf of the county’s farmers, Walker contacted Lamberson.

“I started asking farmers what was on their minds, what kinds of things should I bring up when speaking with Braun, and Danny was one of the folks I asked,” explained Walker.

It’s clear that Lamberson saw the value of INFB’s public policy connections because this time when Walker asked him about becoming a member, Lamberson pulled out $32.50 for his new membership.

Walker says that for him, the key to signing new members is simple.

“The main thing is to just keep asking.”