Planting season should be road safety season: promote rural road safety in your community

Rural road safety_triangular reflectorPlanting season is a timely opportunity for county Farm Bureaus to promote rural road safety. According to the National Center for Rural Road Safety:

  • The roadway fatality rate is more than 2 ½ times higher in rural areas than in urban areas.
  • Emergency response is roughly 50 percent longer in rural areas.
  • 55 percent of roadway fatalities occur in rural areas.  

To help you encourage road safety in your community, INFB created materials that counties can use in their PR efforts, including template press releases, radio public service announcements, print ads and the opportunity to order yard signs that read “Caution: Farm Equipment on the Road.”

The Rural Road Safety Toolkit and all county marketing toolkits and webinars are in the Volunteer Center under Links. You will need to log in to your membership account (or register your account) to access the materials.

For more information, email or call Tyler Mayer, county marketing coordinator, at 317-692-7880.