Cass County member is the 100th new member of 2019

Amanda Pryor of Indianapolis and Cass County was signed as a new voting member in January, and in doing so she became the 100th new member during Indiana Farm Bureau’s 100th year.

Pryor and her husband live and work in Indianapolis but Cass County is their membership county because that’s where their farm is located. It’s also where Pryor grew up, and they are farming with the help of their parents.

“We call ourselves city farmers,” she said. “We live in the city to pay for farming in the country.”

It was Pryor’s father, James Miller of Cass County, who signed her up. “We gave them a membership as kind of a Christmas present,” he said. His original idea was that INFB’s various hotel discounts and other travel deals would benefit the Pryors because they travel a lot. Pryor said that’s true, but they are now also considering how Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance will fit into their farming operation.

“We’ve been looking at all of the insurance options,” she said.