INFB tops last year’s total membership

For the third year in a row, Indiana Farm Bureau has surpassed the previous year’s total membership. As of The Hoosier Farmer’s Oct. 10 deadline, INFB had reached a total membership of 260,910, surpassing last year’s total by 364.

As of that same date, INFB was still 1,482 members short of last year’s voting membership total of 72,281.

However, although the campaign to sign new members ended on Sept. 28, the renewal campaign continues until Oct. 31, so both membership totals will continue to rise through the end of the month.

“To accomplish this we have had a great team effort with our agency personnel working around the state along with our county Farm Bureau volunteers to sign up new members and renew as many of last year’s members as possible,” said INFB President Randy Kron. “Thank you for your efforts to help our organization grow.”

Congratulations to the following members for winning this year’s four membership sweepstakes:

• June – Gary Geswein, Harrison County.

• July – Gary Michel, Warrick County.

• August – Eric Strater, Noble County.

• September - Neil Mennen, Clinton County.