Resolutions committee completes its work

In preparation for its final report, the Indiana Farm Bureau resolutions committee looked at nearly 700 proposed policy changes covering local, state and federal policy issues.

Now the committee’s recommendations will be presented to representatives of all 92 county Farm Bureaus during the annual summer delegate session to be held Aug. 25.

The committee met at the INFB home office Aug. 1-3 and discussed policy recommendations that were submitted by 84 of the 92 county Farm Bureaus.

To ensure each region’s voice is heard, the resolutions committee includes one county president from each district as well as representatives of the State Young Farmer Committee and the Collegiate Farm Bureaus. In addition, each INFB policy advisory group (PAG) has the opportunity to be represented on the committee. Most PAGs were represented around the table during this meeting of the committee. Members of the PAGs serve as experts on issues such as livestock, property rights and transportation.

Justin McKain, INFB member from Sullivan County and District 7 State Young Farmer Committee representative, said he enjoyed his first experience on the resolutions committee. He said members interested in furthering their involvement in Farm Bureau should get involved in the policy development process.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the way the committee as a whole worked together,” said McKain. “We tried to make sure that we formulated policy that gave our lobbyists flexibility but maintained the intent of the recommendation.”

INFB Vice President Kendell Culp, who chairs the committee, said the resolutions committee meeting is a grassroots practice that defines the organization. He said the development of policy makes INFB more effective in lobbying for its priorities. This year’s committee showed up to the meeting ready to put in the work, he added.

“You could tell that the members selected to participate in the resolutions committee considered the recommendations before the meeting in order to prepare,” said Culp. “There was thoughtful dialogue about policy positions and a desire of all members to represent agriculture and their areas of the state.”

The delegate session will take place on Aug. 25 at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds in Danville.