Resolutions committee, delegate body to consider changes to INFB policy

2018 Resolutions Committee Group Photo

Throughout the winter and spring months, county Farm Bureau members met to hold policy development meetings. Eighty-four county Farm Bureaus have made 665 policy recommendations addressing local, state and federal issues as well as internal policy recommendations.

“Our members have been hard at work developing the policy positions that will guide the organization in the coming year,” said Katrina Hall, INFB director of public policy. “It’s important that each member has the opportunity to share his or her voice when it comes to agricultural issues.”

Next on the policy development calendar is the meeting of the resolutions committee. This year, the resolutions committee will meet at the INFB home office Aug. 1-3. The committee, made up of members from across the state, will review the policy recommendations submitted by the counties, the districts, the policy advisory groups, the State Young Farmer Committee and Collegiate Farm Bureaus. Committee members will then determine if those policy recommendations need to be considered by the full delegate body during the INFB policy session on Aug. 25.

Kerry Dull, Boone County Farm Bureau president, will be serving on the resolutions committee for the first time this year. County presidents serve on a rotational basis to ensure that each district is represented on the committee. Dull said she’s looking forward to representing her county and district during the meeting.

“Policy development is one of the most important parts of Farm Bureau,” Dull said. “That’s where we really have a voice, and that’s why it’s important to get involved in the process.”

Marcia Monroe, Jackson County Farm Bureau president, also is serving on the resolutions committee for the first time this year. Monroe said she’s busy with county fair season right now, but she will take time to prepare for the August meeting when that wraps up. She said she’s looking forward to joining the committee as it has been a goal of hers for a few years. Monroe added that she’s ready to put in the necessary work.

“If I have any questions or concerns about anything, I will talk to the farmers who are out in the field every day,” Monroe said. “I will try to represent what their input would be. I just want to do the best that I can.”