You have a stake in Farm Bureau – and Farm Bureau has a stake in you

Membership Matters_KronRandyMembership is the lifeblood of any organization, and that includes Indiana Farm Bureau.

The purpose of this special section is to highlight membership – to remind you, our Indiana Farm Bureau members, of the value of your membership and also to give you some tools to help answer questions about why everyone involved in agriculture should have a stake in Farm Bureau.

Because membership is the primary way we fund our mission to promote agriculture through public education, member engagement and by advocating for agricultural and rural needs, it is important for INFB to grow membership in a consistent and sustainable way. Our members recognized that in our grassroots strategic plan “Defining Our Future.”

Membership takes everyone working together – One Team, Member First. We are fortunate that hundreds of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agents help us to write thousands of new members each year. However, we can’t rely solely on the memberships written by agents. Volunteer-led membership campaigns are another highly effective way to bring new members into the organization.

Yes, our primary target in volunteer-led membership campaigns is the farmer. But we also should consider inviting those who have a vested interest in the success of agriculture to be part of the organization. Whether these prospective members grow specialty crops, market seed or sell farm equipment, they have a stake in keeping agriculture viable. This year, the INFB leadership is asking county Farm Bureaus to consider inviting agribusiness professionals to join our cause.

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard our new “So I Can” ad campaign. One of these messages is specifically targeted at agribusiness professionals.

To successfully advocate for agriculture and achieve our mission, we will need everyone with a vested interest in agriculture on the team. So, I challenge you to use the information in this special section to ask someone to join Farm Bureau. Your personal invitation to be part of the Farm Bureau team will be more effective than anything we can do at a statewide level.

So ask your neighboring farmer, seed salesman, banker, fertilizer dealer, machinery dealer, crop consultant and feed salesman to join. No matter your role within the agricultural community, Farm Bureau can help you find your voice.