Policy development deadline, policy conference planned for June

It is policy development season at Indiana Farm Bureau, and a lot of counties have already started this important grassroots process.

In February, county Farm Bureaus began surfacing issues with the policy development committees and local policy leaders. Policy positions and recommendations for internal, local, state and federal policy have been crafted among the membership to be submitted for consideration. Those recommendations will be considered by the resolutions committee in early August. The recommendations that receive approval from the resolutions committee will then be heard by the full body of member delegates on Aug. 25.

“The policy process at INFB gives each member of the organization an opportunity to share his or her thoughts and concerns on policy-related matters,” said Katrina Hall, INFB’s director of public policy. “The members really lead the process and guide the decisions we make to be a proactive advocacy organization at all levels of government.”

The deadline for policy recommendation submissions is June 15. Recommendations must be submitted by using the online policy recommendation submission form.

Policy Outlook_Policy Development DeadlineINFB will hold its second policy outlook conference at the Indianapolis Marriott East on June 26. The event caters to select members who are engaged in the policy creation and implementation process. The policy conference will feature guest speakers who will discuss issues facing rural communities. The INFB policy advisory groups also will convene to review policy submissions from county Farm Bureaus and to make additional recommendations.

If you have questions about the policy conference or your eligibility to attend, contact Katrina Hall.