Farm Bureau Foundation launches publishing venture with focus on kids

Teaching children the truth about agriculture has long been a mission of Farm Bureau. In an effort to further this mission, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture launched a book publishing venture called Feeding Minds Press.

Feeding Minds Press_FB Foundation publishingFeeding Minds Press was created to publish engaging and accurate children’s books about modern agriculture.

“Children’s books can be powerful tools to help students understand where their food comes from, which is why it’s so important that they be available in classrooms and libraries across the country,” said Julia Recko, director of education outreach for the foundation. “So, we decided to publish our own books that meet the Foundation’s criteria for telling compelling and accurate stories about agriculture.”

Feeding Minds Press has already selected its first book, which is scheduled for release in January 2019. The first book to be published, Right This Very Minute, was written by award-winning author Lisl Detlefsen and is about the foods we enjoy in our daily lives and the farmers who work diligently to grow them. Award-winning illustrator Renée Kurilla will illustrate the book.

Right This Very Minute is the perfect book to launch this exciting new project,” said Christy Lilja, executive director of the foundation. “It’s a great story and tells kids that every minute of every day, someone, somewhere, is working to bring food to their table.”

Feeding Minds Press plans to regularly publish new titles and accept submissions for new books that showcase the impact of agriculture and the diversity of agriculture in America.

“We will publish two to three books per year,” Recko said, “depending on the manuscripts we receive and the needs of the foundation. We will also create accompanying educational resources to make these books easy to use in classrooms. We’re excited at the prospect of bringing great books to families and educators.”