Indiana Farm Bureau helps launch new county agriculture programs

Molly Zentz

(Indianapolis) – April 13, 2018 – Indiana Farm Bureau issued five county development grants to support new or expanded county Farm Bureau programs, activities or events that enhance the promotion or provide education about agriculture. The county Farm Bureaus that will receive financial assistance for programming this year are Rush, Jay, Decatur, Clinton and Pulaski.

Each recognized county Farm Bureau presented a new or expanded programming idea to INFB. The grant committee reviewed and approved the funds based on financial need and the potential impact of the program in reaching organizational goals.

“Engaging and educational programs and events are some of the best ways for our county Farm Bureaus to be a strong voice for agriculture in their communities,” said Isabella Chism, INFB 2nd vice president. “We’re thrilled to be able to help five counties launch new agriculture programs this year and excited to see the impact of their work in their counties.”

Rush County Farm Bureau – Benefit Dinner in Memory of Roger Cain

Rush County Farm Bureau was awarded $1,500 to launch the Benefit Dinner in Memory of Roger Cain, who died in a farm accident in 2016. The event, organized by the county’s young farmers, will be held to fund safety trainings or grain bin extraction equipment for Rush County. The event also will help raise awareness of the hazards associated with grain bins and proper grain bin safety on the farm.

Jay County Farm Bureau – After School Cooking Club

Jay County Farm Bureau was awarded $1,500 to launch the After School Cooking Club for elementary students. The cooking club program will take place at General Shanks Elementary. Students will learn the basics of healthy cooking and information about where their food comes from. 

Decatur County Farm Bureau – Ag Breakfast and Fundraiser

Decatur County Farm Bureau was awarded $840 to launch its Ag Breakfast and Fundraiser. Proceeds from the breakfast will go to Farmers Feeding the Flock, an annual program in which the proceeds from 34 acres of soybeans fields are donated to the community’s meal center for the hungry.

Clinton County Farm Bureau – 4-H Goat Club

Clinton County Farm Bureau was awarded $750 for the Clinton County 4-H Goat Club. The grant will assist with revitalization efforts for the youth goat club, including necessary grooming supplies and educational resources for 4-H participants to ensure proper fitting and grooming of the goats.

Pulaski County Farm Bureau – Life Cycle of a Chicken

Pulaski County Farm Bureau was awarded $600 to launch its Life Cycle of a Chicken program. The program will be created for local school children to learn about animal agriculture by seeing the life cycle of a chicken in real time – starting with the egg incubation and ending with the chick being hatched.

INFB’s program development grants are issued annually. All Indiana county Farm Bureaus are eligible to apply for up to $1,500 in funding each year.


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