Legislature also addresses property protection, milk haulers

Legislature Ag Related Bills_milk haulerOther key agriculture-related bills that were supported by INFB and were passed during the 2018 legislative session include:

  • HEA1089 – Makes changes to the authority of the St. Joseph River Basin Commission and includes surveyors and Soil and Water Conservation District staff on the commission.
  • HEA1115 – Protects landowners from liability if someone goes through or upon their property for the purposes of accessing a trail or greenway.
  • HEA1227 – Adds waterhemp, marestail, Palmer amaranth, Powell amaranth, smooth pigweed, rough pigweed and poison hemlock to the noxious weed list.
  • HEA1233 – Authorizes a study committee to review government programs and research related to non-point source impacts on water quality. Among other provisions, it also approves the use of purple marks, which are painted on trees or fence posts as a way of expanding the options for marking property and providing notice against trespassing.
  • HEA1263 – Allows a county council to establish a 0.2 percent local income tax for corrections and rehabilitation facilities.
  • SEA212 – Allows bulk milk haulers to obtain an annual overweight milk hauling permit instead of the previous one-time use permit.
  • SEA331 – Authorizes the State Department of Health to adopt rules to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act produce rule.