The impact of agriculture in Indiana, celebrated on National Ag Day

Molly Zentz 

Ag Day Image for Website_1_ReleasePageIndianapolis) – March 13, 2018 – Indiana Farm Bureau joins the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) in celebrating America’s farmers and agribusiness professionals on National Ag Day, March 20, 2018. Indiana relies on the agriculture industry to supply jobs and make significant contributions to the state’s economy.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, agriculture currently supports more than 107,000 Indiana jobs, ranging from crop and livestock farmers to agricultural engineers and soil scientists.

The USDA also reports that Indiana ranks 11th in the nation in agriculture sales, contributing an estimated $31.2 billion in sales to the Indiana economy each year. Roughly $10 billion of those sales are of actual agriculture products sold by Indiana’s farmers, such as crops and meat and dairy products. Those products don’t all stay in the state. More than $4.6 billion of agricultural products are exported around the world.

Indiana’s farmers are known for their production of corn and soybeans, but Indiana agriculture is diverse. In fact, according to the USDA’s national ranking, Indiana is ranked fifth nationally for corn (for grain) and soybeans, but the state also ranks:

  • Number one in duck production.
  • Number two in popcorn production, tomato processing and ice cream.
  • Number three in egg layers inventory and total eggs produced.
  • Number four in turkeys raised, peppermint, spearmint, fresh market cantaloupe and snap bean processing.

“Corn and soybeans remain the leading sources of income for Indiana farmers, but if I’ve learned anything from traveling to all 92 counties to meet with farmers, it’s that Indiana agriculture is incredibly diverse,” said Randy Kron, INFB president and Vanderburgh County farmer. “Most folks don’t think of mint, popcorn, blackberries or watermelon farms when they think about agriculture in Indiana, but they should because our farmers produce a vast variety of products.”

INFB represents more than 72,000 Hoosiers that are involved in agriculture.

“In Indiana, nearly all farms are family owned and operated,” explained Kron. “Those families, many of whom are INFB members, are responsible for the significant impact agriculture has on our state’s economy. They make up one of Indiana’s strongest industries.”

To celebrate this year’s National Ag Day, individual county Farm Bureaus across the state host community events of all kinds. The majority of events are focused on educating elementary school children about the importance of agriculture in Indiana. 

This year marks the 45th anniversary of ACA’s National Ag Day.


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