Members need to connect with their legislators on broadband

rural broadband statIndiana Farm Bureau members need to voice their concerns with the level of connectivity in Indiana, according to the INFB public policy team. Rural Hoosiers cannot wait and hope for new technology to fix a problem that has existed for years and can be addressed now.

The message: Call your legislators to tell them broadband is not a luxury. It is a necessity to operate farms and small businesses.

When you speak with a legislator, the public policy team advised, let them know where you live, if there is reliable broadband service in your area, who provides service in your area, the types of service you have, what you pay and how the service does or does not work.

For more information visit Broadband.

  • Indiana House Republicans: 1-800-382-9841
  • Indiana House Democrats: 1-800-382-9842
  • Indiana Senate (both parties): 1-800-382-9467