Grassroots lobbying key in achieving INFB’s 2018 legislative priorities

After a lot of hard work by Indiana Farm Bureau members at the county level, in the resolutions committee and at the delegate session, the 2018 state legislative priorities for the organization have been set.

Legislative Visits_Orange CountyThe INFB board of directors has approved four priority positions in the culmination of this year’s policy development process, and INFB will be a leading voice on these issues at the Statehouse.

Justin Schneider, INFB director of state government relations, said the work is not over. Now, INFB staff and members are tasked with telling Farm Bureau’s story at the Statehouse to secure legislation that positively impacts agriculture.

“It’s important to show legislators how these issues are impacting Indiana’s farmers by sharing real examples,” Schneider said. “INFB members and staff have already had conversations with many legislators on these important topics. However, our members need to be present at the Statehouse during session to give those real-life examples that help legislators connect the issues to actual constituents.”

The 2018 legislative priorities are summarized below.  A special insert to be included in the December issue of The Hoosier Farmer will expand on the importance of each priority.

Protect livestock farmers and their operations

  • Maintain local control and flexibility.
  • Enhance Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) oversight.

Strengthen rural quality of life

  • Eliminate food deserts.
  • Extend rural broadband to the last mile.

Limit annexation

  • Consistently limit waivers.
  • Eliminate economic development loopholes.

Ensure assessment uniformity

  • Apply assessment definitions and rules consistently to real and personal property.
  • Provide strictly confidential tax audits.

If you are interested in visiting the Statehouse during session to speak with legislators, contact your regional manager.