Farmers now have a resource for hot topics on ag

There are some hot topics surrounding agriculture these days. GMO, CFO, CAFO – it’s an alphabet soup of misinformation. 

Fortunately, Farm Bureau is doing something to lessen the confusion.

INFB recently added a new page to the organization website called “Hot Topics,” a members-only reference guide to some of the more complex questions surrounding the farming industry. To access it, members need to visit the “Resources” section of INFB’s website and click on the link “For Volunteers.” “Hot Topics” is listed in the “Links” section.

Available in the new section are talking points written specifically for farmers on subjects ranging from food safety to modern farm technology to animal- and crop-specific agriculture.  

“We know that our members are eager to clear up the inaccuracies they hear about agriculture,” said Debra DeCourcy, APR, INFB’s chief marketing director. “We’re glad we now can provide them with the tools they need to address the misinformation and be good ag ambassadors.”

In addition to the members-only Hot Topics section, the website also has been expanded to add a “Frequently Asked Questions” section for those who are seeking general, accurate information about agriculture.

“Our intention is to continually expand both of these sections of the website as additional subjects on agriculture become ‘hot topics’ in the news,” DeCourcy added.