How The Kid Who Changed the World changed Farm Bureau education outreach

It’s been almost a year since The Kid Who Changed the World was named as the first Indiana Farm Bureau Book of the Year at the state convention.

The Kid Who Changed the World book coverIt’s been nine months since the state legislature issued a concurrent resolution proclaiming Feb. 20-24, 2017, as Indiana Agriculture Literacy Week and recognized the book as a valuable tool in Indiana Farm Bureau’s ag education efforts.

And it’s been seven months since each of the 92 county Farm Bureaus received free copies of the book through the Spriesterbach Farm Corporation.

So how has the book changed Indiana and county Farm Bureau education outreach efforts in that time?

According to Julie Taylor, education coordinator for Indiana Farm Bureau, the book has helped to heighten awareness of Indiana Farm Bureau and its ag education efforts. 

The Kid Who Changed the World was a great choice to kick off our Book of Year initiative,” remarked Taylor. “It’s based on true life stories, which represent significant milestones in the development of modern agriculture. It appeals to a wide audience – farmers, agri-business and science enthusiasts. The book has served as a wonderful gateway into exploring the life-changing impact of agriculture yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

County education and outreach coordinators and Agriculture in the Classroom volunteers have presented the books to school and public libraries in their counties. Volunteers – including the lieutenant governor, a few members of Indiana’s congressional delegation and county fair queens – have read the book to children in classrooms, participating in after-school programs and at fairgrounds across the state. Educators have utilized the educator guide and other classroom resources to enhance the book’s impact.

In addition to the approximately 276 books provided to counties:

  • 150 were given away to Indiana State Fair attendees who answered trivia questions correctly during the three-day Taste From Indiana Farms event.
  • 40 were distributed through a Dow AgroSciences program.
  • 40 were included in bags provided to teachers participating in the state fair field trip. 
  • 1,000 books have been purchased by members through the INFB Store. This total does not include books purchased through Amazon or directly from the author, Andy Andrews, who is the keynote speaker at the state convention in December.

Taylor plans to compile a final report including best practices for next year’s Book of the Year. Does she have any guidance for using the book during the rest of 2017?

“Continue to reach out in your communities. If you work during the day, reach out to 4-H and other clubs that meet in the evening and Saturday library reading programs. Re-connect with teachers you contacted previously. It’s a new school year with new classrooms of students who can learn from and be inspired by the true stories of Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, George Washington, Moses, and Susan Carver.”