Goal for ag grants is improving water quality

Indiana farmers still have an opportunity to receive funding through the Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project. The application period began in September 2016 but will continue through 2018 or until all available funds are used.

Water QualityIn Indiana, 89 of the 92 counties are eligible. However, the coverage of eligibility varies county by county. Some counties are fully eligible while others have partial eligibility in certain locations.

The first phase of funding lasted from 2013-2015 and provided approximately 30 landowners with funds for projects that reduce nutrient runoff from farms. The current round of funding is for projects that will use forestry (tree planting) on private property as a method to reduce nutrient runoff.

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the ecosystem of farmland in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

The project is expected to fund 4-15 individual projects in each of the three states during this round of funding. Anyone who would like more information or would like to apply should the project’s website.