Defining Our Future: September Progress Update

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2017 Strategic Goals

  1. Membership: Increase voting membership by the end of the membership year.
  2. Member Experience: Improve the overall member experience.
  3. Image Awareness: Improve the awareness of ag and Indiana Farm Bureau.

Membership:  INFB is on track to make total membership gain (at least +1 from previous year). Volunteers have written more members in June, July and August of 2017 than during those months during the previous year and more memberships year-to-date than in 2016. However, it will still be a push to reach the goal of 800 new members written by volunteers. It will also take some extra effort from all of us to achieve voting member gain this year. To date, INFB staff has completed 7 of the 10 state membership goals, including implementation of a statewide membership campaign, a membership campaign aimed at young farmers and member satisfaction exit interviews.

Have you asked someone to join the cause and stand up for agriculture this year?

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County Farm Bureaus have completed 222 County Recognition Program activities designed to increase membership. To reach our statewide goal of 555 membership activities, counties could complete 3-4 of the following activities:

  • Write two elected officials as new Farm Bureau members.
  • Contact first-year voting membership to encourage them to renew.
  • Write three young farmers as new Farm Bureau members. Or better yet, have young farmers write three young farmers as new Farm Bureau members.
  • Have county volunteers write eight new members.
  • Purchase advertising to promote the value of the membership.
  • Create a list of 15 prospects and reach out to ask them to join.

Member Experience:  INFB staff has been working to improve the member experience and has completed 7 of 10 goals aimed at understanding the current member experience, creating member-first training programs and enhancing internal and external technology tools and resources. County Farm Bureaus have also been working to improve the member experience by doing 617 activities (goal of 675), including having young farmers come to the Statehouse, members meeting with local, state or national officials to implement policy, and hosting trainings or educational meetings for farmers.

Image of Ag and INFB: County Farm Bureaus have worked hard to do activities that improve the image of ag and INFB. With 70 counties hosting a youth education event, 78 counties donating ag-related books and 55 counties having members attend meetings or hearings on local issues, Farm Bureau members are working to share a positive message about INFB and agriculture. INFB has completed over 50 percent of the 14 goals aimed at improved awareness and is on track to develop a baseline metric to understand the current awareness of agriculture inside and outside our membership. 

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