Drainage tile company provides backdrop for discussing elimination of sales tax on drainage tile

Drainage tile-PlantTourDSC_0306Indiana Farm Bureau leadership toured drainage tile company Fratco in Francesville, Indiana, recently and celebrated the upcoming elimination of sales tax on drainage tile for Hoosier farmers.

INFB President Randy Kron and Vice President Kendell Culp met with Fratco executives, including CEO Chris Overmyer and COO Bill Champion, to learn more about the facility and its products and to discuss the benefits of a proper drainage system for Indiana farms. Local elected officials, state Rep. Doug Gutwein, R-Francesville, and state Sen. Ed Charbonneau, R-Valparaiso, also joined in on the tour and discussion.

With the passing of Senate Enrolled Act 515, authored by Sen. Brandt Hershman, R-Buck Creek, farmers will as of July 1 of this year no longer pay sales tax on drainage tile used in their fields, such as that from Fratco. Gutwein, who was in attendance for the discussion, has been a champion of this tax-saving provision for many years.

“A good drainage system is key to good crop production,” explained Kron.

Drainage tile-GroupPhotoDSC_0309INFB members have been advocating for a sales tax exemption on drainage tile for many years as a key production tool.

“Farmers often invest tens of thousands of dollars or more on drainage tile,” said Culp. “The elimination of tile sales tax certainly is a welcome benefit for our members.”

To further educate ag professionals and those in the legal industry on the laws and regulations related to drainage, INFB plans to host its annual Drainage School on Aug. 23 at the Indiana Farm Bureau headquarters in Indianapolis. The seminar is open to farmers, public officials, agency personnel, attorneys and members of the public. 

Top Photo: 
INFB President Randy Kron and Vice President Kendell Culp (middle and right) tour Fratco’s drainage tile manufacturing plant in Francesville, Indiana to get hands on with the product during production.

Bottom Photo: (Left to right) Fratco sales manager Craig Douglas, Fratco controller Jeff Webb, INFB Vice President Kendell Culp, state Rep. Doug Gutwein, Fratco plant manager Willie Parish, INFB President Randy Kron, INFB county leadership Denise Scarborough, state Sen. Ed Charbonneau and Fratco COO Bill Champion walk the Fratco floors and discuss the importance of drainage tile for Hoosier farmers