Time to update ELECT trustees and alternates

Indiana Farm Bureau uses ELECT, the organization’s nonpartisan political action committee, to help surface and support ag-friendly candidates for Congress and the Indiana General Assembly. Local ELECT trustees and alternates are key to this process and must be identified by June 1.

ELECT was established to involve members in the political process.

“ELECT gives INFB clout and it helps our members gain access and build relations with decision makers,” said Kendell Culp, INFB vice-president and chairman of the ELECT Oversight Committee. Through endorsement, donation and other grassroots political engagement, ELECT can help pro-ag candidates win their election.

It takes a village to support the right pro-ag candidates, and INFB’s village is made up at the local level of ELECT trustees and alternates. Finding the right trustees is the first step in identifying the right candidates. Local trustees are vital to the ELECT process. The endorsement process works best if it starts with a strong local interview of a potential ELECT endorsement candidate by local trustees.

Serving as an ELECT trustee is a great honor, but also a great commitment because meetings may be held during busy times of the year for farmers.

“ELECT trustees need to be impartial, open-minded and informed about agricultural issues,” said Culp. “We don’t support Republicans or Democrats – we support agriculture-friendly candidates that can support our policy in the legislative process.” Trustees and alternates serve a two-year term.

Counties must appoint new trustees and alternates by June 1 this year. ELECT bylaws state that anyone voting in a local meeting of trustees must be approved by the county board of directors.

Farm Bureau members interested in the political process and implementation of public policy are urged to contact their county president for more information on selection of local ELECT trustees.