Revised membership campaign invites farmers to find their voice

Indiana Farm Bureau has rolled out its second installment of the “Find Your Voice” membership campaign. As the membership sales and marketing coordinator, part of my job is to make sure that we are promoting all of the great things Indiana Farm Bureau does for Hoosier farmers. Our goal is to get more farmers as members who will join in our fight for a better tomorrow in rural Indiana.

INFB Ad - Deena, Awareness

Hopefully you’ve seen the look throughout the past year and enjoyed hearing how others have found their voice within Indiana Farm Bureau. The 2021 Strategic Plan and county recognition program identify image awareness as a vital part of our success in the future – and it can be accomplished through our marketing efforts at the local and state levels.

This statewide membership campaign includes print, digital an

d radio advertising. You may have already heard our messages on your local stations within a Hoosier Ag Today radio broadcast.

Finding it hard to reach all audiences using one media source, we have chosen to add digital advertising to our media mix in 2017. Digital ads will allow INFB to target young farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs throughout the state. We’ll also have more access to data which will tell us if our digital ad buy is working. Knowing young farmers are only one segment of the agricultural population, we will continue the use of traditional print and radio media to reach other audiences.

Having a unified brand with county Farm Bureaus is imperative to reach our strategic goal of image awareness. The INFB marketing team has taken our statewide print ads and created templates that may be personalized for each county.  Contact the marketing team at 317-692-7819 for more information. Ad templates will soon be available on our website in the volunteer resource section.