INFB names “Book of the Year”

A committee of Indiana Farm Bureau staff and professional educators selected The Kid Who Changed the World as the 2017 Indiana Farm Bureau Book of the Year.

“Our goal is to extend our reach into more classrooms, schools, libraries and homes with a book that celebrates agriculture and the important role farmers play in feeding people in Indiana and around the world,” said Isabella Chism, INFB 2nd vice president, at the book’s selection announcement during the state convention.

The Kid Who Changed the World book cover

The purpose of the book of the year program is to increase understanding, build awareness and develop a positive public perception of Indiana agriculture through education, which aligns with INFB’s 2021 strategic plan. 

The Kid Who Changed the World is based on a concept from another of author Andy Andrews’ books, The Butterfly Effect. The butterfly effect centers on the idea that every action a person takes, no matter how small, can make a difference.

The story of The Kid Who Changed the World starts with a young Norman Borlaug, who grew up and used his knowledge of agriculture to create “super plants” that have saved the lives of 2 billion people. But without the influence of Henry Wallace, who served as vice president under Franklin Roosevelt and as secretary of agriculture, Borlaug may not have been driven to develop his knowledge. And without inspiration from George Washington Carver, a teacher and inventor, Wallace may never have had the idea to create super plants.

A statewide campaign to promote the book in every county is being planned. The book is widely available from online retailers. A curriculum for teachers will be available soon from INFB’s Ag in the Classroom program.

The Kid Who Changed the World will also be featured during an event at the Statehouse during Indiana Agricultural Literacy Week, Feb. 20-24.