Help INFB name its new e-newsletter

Starting in February, Indiana Farm Bureau will be launching a new monthly electronic newsletter. The e-newsletter will:

  • Combine the functions of some of INFB’s existing electronic newsletters, including the membership report, the county education and outreach coordinators’ newsletter, The Leader eNews, the PR Coordinator update and the Young Farmer newsletter. The all-electronic format will allow the newsletter to combine material of more general interest with content that is of interest primarily to these specific groups.
  • Help members who prefer to receive their news electronically stay informed about Farm Bureau.
  • Act as a supplement to The Hoosier Farmer, including updates to the articles that run in the print publication as well as material that, for one reason or other, didn’t make the print edition.

To begin with, the newsletter will be emailed to all voting members for whom we have valid email addresses. (An opt-out will be available for those who prefer not to receive it.)

Staff members who are responsible for these particular newsletters have been meeting to figure out content, a publication schedule and design, and we’ve made some progress there.

But what we haven’t figured out is what to call it. We’re hoping our members can help us with that. Should we be simple and factual and use something like The Leader eNews? Should we get a little silly and call it The Hoosier eFarmer? We can’t help but think that there’s a name out there somewhere that will truly capsulize what this new publication will do.

So if you have an idea for a name, please send it to Kathleen Dutro by Feb. 1. We can’t promise any prize other than fame – and our gratitude.