YFEIA Winner Deidra Gottbrath, Washington County

Deidra Gottbrath’s full-time job is as a stroke clinical operations nurse at a large hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, but she nonetheless manages to be very involved in agriculture.


She recently purchased a few tillable acres on her own, she helps her parents on their farm, and she’s the president of the Washington County Farm Bureau.

“My passion for nursing and agriculture are very similar,” she wrote in her YFEIA application. “I love science, I love helping people, I love teaching, I love learning and I love knowing that what I do positively impacts others.”

Even as she pursued a career in healthcare, she always knew she wanted to get back to the farm eventually. That timetable was accelerated when, after a tornado ripped through part of her family’s farm in 2012, her uncle decided not to continue farming. With her parents and other family members, they now raise 750 acres of corn, soybeans and popcorn.