Election roundup: INFB’s election scorecard

2016_088-1121-Hoosier Farmer-32In an effort to boost engagement in the political process this fall, INFB launched an iFarmiVote campaign designed to motivate members about the 2016 general election. INFB captured 60 photos of members holding their iFarmiVote yard sign. Other members changed their Facebook profile pictures to the campaign logo.

INFB thanks its members for finding their voice in the political process by helping elect ag-friendly candidates to public office.

INFB ELECT PAC scores 98 percent

Eighty-three of the 85 candidates endorsed by Indiana Farm Bureau ELECT PAC, the nonpartisan political action committee associated with Indiana Farm Bureau, were victorious in Tuesday’s general election, giving the PAC a nearly 98 percent success rate this fall.

INFB campaign school scores 75 percent

This fall, 12 races across the state included a candidate who either participated or sent their spouse to participate in INFB’s campaign school in February. Nine of those 12 campaigns were victorious, giving our campaign school a 75 percent success rate in the 2016 general election. INFB congratulates those winning candidates and the campaign school facilitators for their efforts in preparing so many candidates to win.

INFB will have two campaign school sessions next year. Registration for the February session will be open soon. Anyone considering a run for office in 2018 or beyond should strongly consider attending.

Looking ahead to the 2018 farm bill

With the general election now over, INFB efforts at the federal level are shifting toward the development of the 2018 farm bill. INFB has formed a farm bill working group to find the pulse of the membership on critical ag issues. To contribute to the discussion, all members are encouraged to complete INFB’s farm bill survey online.

During the campaign, Trump told AFBF, “The Trump-Pence Administration will be an active participant in writing the next farm bill and delivering it on time! Our farmers deserve a good farm bill written by those who are thankful for our remarkable food system in this country. I support a strong safety net for our nation’s farmers.”

See inside this issue of The Hoosier Farmer for a special section intended to give members a refresher course on federal farm policy and the new farm bill.

Advocacy efforts on federal issues like TPP are still uncertain as Congress enters its lame duck session.

“Now that the election is over, we are currently assessing the climate and appetite for trade policy, specifically TPP,” said Kyle Cline, national policy advisor for Indiana Farm Bureau. “We are talking to leadership on Capitol Hill, gauging their temperature in regards to a willingness to consider TPP this year or early next year.”

INFB members are encouraged to stay tuned for more information and opportunities to push forward for commonsense trade policy.