Participating in survey can help shape the 2018 farm bill

It may seem that the 2014 farm bill was only just completed yesterday, but reality is that the 2018 farm bill is right around the corner already. Leaders in both the House and Senate agriculture committees have indicated that they plan to begin working on the 2018 farm bill early next year.

To be the most effective advocate possible for Hoosier farmers, Indiana Farm Bureau is getting out ahead of the curve and taking an active, preemptive role by working with members to help prioritize which issues should be addressed in the farm bill. Indiana’s priority issues will be part of the national conversation during the AFBF convention in January.

To help determine these areas of focus, INFB is asking members to complete a survey on issues ranging from commodity and conservation programs to crop insurance to dairy and more. Responses to these survey questions will provide a baseline of membership opinion on matters critical to the future of agriculture at the national level.

The questions are designed to help INFB prioritize different options to improve the farm bill while also recognizing the likely budgetary challenges farmers will face. Please note that this survey is for informational purposes only and does not replace our regular policy development process.

Answering questions about what is and what is not working in the current bill might be difficult as farmers only received their second commodity title payment last month. However, Farm Bureau members need to be ready to answer a few very basic questions in order to continue trying and shape farm policy to meet risk management needs for the future.

To complete the survey online, members should visit INFB’s Take Action page.