#INFBiFarmiVote encourages political engagement

iFARMiVOTEFinding your voice in the political process, showing up to vote and encouraging your friends and neighbors to do the same can swing elections in favor of ag-friendly candidates. #INFBiFarmiVote is a campaign initiative Indiana Farm Bureau is using to encourage farmers and rural residents to get out and vote in this year’s election, especially for candidates supporting the best interests of agriculture.

INFB is taking the campaign online through social media. Members are encouraged to change their Facebook profile picture to the iFarmiVote campaign image, and share the image on social media using #INFBiFarmiVote. Profile picture instructions are available on INFB's iFarmiVote webpage, www.infb.org/ifarmivote.

Between now and Election Day on Nov. 8, INFB is boosting its political education efforts and making a stronger push for civic engagement by members at the grassroots level. INFB’s public policy team wants to make sure agriculture’s voice is heard in the ballot box this fall. Agriculture’s well-being in the public policy arena depends on the election of ag-friendly candidates. Their victory depends on you.