INFB seeking nominations for Certified Crop Adviser of the Year

INFB is seeking nominations of qualified certified crop advisors for the “Indiana Certified Crop Adviser of the Year Award” for 2016. The award recognizes an individual who has performed superior service in nutrient management, soil and water management, pest management and crop production.

The award will be presented to the winner at the Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference, December 13-14 in Indianapolis. The winner will receive $1,500. Whichever county Farm Bureau submits the winning application will receive $250.

Additionally, the winner will be eligible for the National CCA Award of $1,000, and his or her name will also be passed on to the Indiana CCA Board for consideration of submission for the International CCA Award.

The purpose of the award program is to increase awareness that farmers and their service people strive to do their best, making economically and environmentally sound cropping decisions. With increasing farm size, complexity of management options and increasingly complex regulations, INFB foresees famers relying more and more on the advice of specialists who are CCAs.

To be considered for the Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Award, a CCA must be certified in Indiana and nominated by a county Farm Bureau, an active Farm Bureau member, or by the employer of the CCA who knows of the qualifications.

Additionally, other agricultural groups may suggest nominations. These other agricultural groups should work with their county Farm Bureau on the nomination since the nomination form must be signed by the county Farm Bureau president.

The nomination should include the nomination form, three letters of recommendation – one from the CCA’s employer and two from customers. Three letters of recommendation may come from customers if the CCA is self-employed.

Indiana Farm Bureau must receive the nomination by Nov. 18. Any questions should be directed to INFB’s Justin Schneider at 317-692-7835 or Quentin Rund of PAQ at l-800-387-1283.