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Memberships: One size doesn’t have to fit all

Indiana Farm Bureau offers three different kinds of memberships to both its voting members (those who receive a portion of their income from production agriculture) and associate members (those whose income isn’t directly related to agricultural production):

Primary members pay annual dues of $32.50 and receive access to the many exclusive services and benefits of the organization, including $2,000 in accidental death benefit at no additional charge.

Select members are those members who are the spouse of a primary member. They pay $15 annually and also receive a $2,000 accidental death benefit. By becoming a select member, they entitle their spouses to an additional $2,000 accidental death benefit, and any unmarried children under the age of 21 who live at home are entitled to the death benefit as well.

Another benefit for those households that have a select membership is the common carrier accidental death benefit. This provides an additional $10,000 in coverage per family member (the select member, the select member’s spouse, and their children under age 21) in the case of accidental death while traveling as a paying passenger on public transportation.

Student members are individuals who are between the ages of 16 and 24. Their annual membership dues are $15 and they are not required to be attached to a primary memcomplex economic problems and with government actions and misinformation affecting our lives and businesses daily, it is even more important for you to invite others to join and individually identify how to engage in maintaining a growing and influential organization. Membership provides the organization stimulus and you are that stimulus – the key to our success. bership. Student members, however, do not have the ability to participate in any insurance programs.

You can find out more about becoming a member – or renewing a membership – at IFB’s website, You can find a link for “Application/Renewal” under the “Member Services” tab.

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