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IFB statement on the failure of SB 373  

Indiana Farm Bureau is disappointed that the General Assembly failed to pass legislation that would have protected the privacy of Indiana businesses and citizens. We thank Senators Holdman and Steele and Representatives Friend, Lehe and Steuerwald for their efforts to craft a bill. These legislators stood up for the rights of Hoosiers despite an intensive media effort to discredit the bill.  

Indiana farmers and businesses who conduct themselves according to the highest ethical and professional standards are often targets of those who seek to disparage their business activity. The proposed additions to current Indiana code would have helped keep Indiana businesses from becoming such targets.  

SB373 would have strengthened the state’s criminal trespass code to protect businesses from persons who intentionally enter private property to commit an act, including taking photographs or videos, with the intent to harm any business on that property. It also would have provided legal protection from prospective employees who knowingly or intentionally submit fraudulent statements or conceal material facts on job applications.

Indiana farmers wish the General Assembly had seen the benefits of SB 373, which would have protected the privacy of citizens and the welfare of livestock.