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Indiana Farm Bureau 


December 12, 2011 

For more information: Megan Ritter, 317-692-7833 
Kathleen Dutro, 317-692-7824, kdutro@infarmbureau.org  


IFB delegates reelect 2nd vice president, 
approve new policy on federal farm program 

            Delegates to the Indiana Farm Bureau convention took action on two important issues during the annual delegate session held during the IFB convention, Dec. 9 and 10 in Indianapolis. 

            In preparation for the debate on the federal farm bill expected next month at the American Farm Bureau annual meeting and the major debate anticipated in Congress next year, delegates passed new language outlining IFB’s position on federal farm policy. These policy recommendations will now be carried to the AFBF resolutions committee meeting, which is being held this week, by IFB President Don Villwock. 

            The language added by delegates says IFB supports the “principles embodied” in an AFBF proposal called the Systemic Risk Reduction Program, or SRRP, which is an alternative to the “shallow loss” proposals other groups have put forward. Shallow loss programs provide government support to farmers who face losses of as little as 5 percent but only support a small portion of a farmer’s potential loss, according to AFBF. Farm Bureau says its proposal, covering as much as 70-80 percent of a farmer’s losses (depending on what the budget would allow), would protect farmers from the kind of catastrophic loss that can put them out of business. 

            In other action, delegates reelected Isabella Chism of Howard County by acclamation to a fourth term as IFB 2nd vice president. 

Chism was first elected in 2006. She and her husband, Kent, raise corn and soybeans in Howard County. In addition to serving as 2nd vice president and as a member of the board of directors for Indiana Farm Bureau Inc. and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, she chairs the 10-member State Women’s Leadership Committee.