Policy Advisory Groups

Farmers share a common interest in policies affecting Indiana agriculture. These common interests, like crops, farm types, regulations, and resources, drive the focus of Indiana Farm Bureau policy-making. Policy advisory groups (PAGs) have been identified to better address these issues within Indiana Farm Bureau.

The groups’ topics were derived from internal and external conversations with members and other stakeholders. PAGs exist to enhance issue discussion, policy development and policy implementation.

The following PAG focus areas have been identified:

The IFB president appoints group members. Nominations may come from IFB staff, the board of directors and county Farm Bureaus. Candidates are nominated based on experience with the topics, Farm Bureau involvement and geography. Most groups have a minimum of 15 members. Half of the members of a group will serve two-year terms and half will serve for four years.

As issues in agriculture evolve, new PAGs may be added and other groups disbanded. Groups have the opportunity to develop strategies to meet the needs within their categories, as well as offer direct recommendations on policy. The group members are also encouraged to share their policy ideas with their county Farm Bureaus.

Policy Advisory Group Documents

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