Outstanding County Young Farmer Program 

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The Outstanding County Young Farmer Program Award recognizes county young farmer committees that have done an outstanding job of promoting agriculture and Farm Bureau in their counties.

Plaques will be awarded to the top three outstanding county young farmer programs at the 2018 INFB Young Farmer Leadership Conference. The chair and spouse of the highest scoring county young farmer program will be awarded a trip to the American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmer & Rancher Leadership Conference. Additional awards include the Most Improved County and the Awakening Award.

The Most Improved designation will be awarded to the county that has the greatest increase in score, based upon the comparison of application forms from the two previous years. Up to three counties can be recognized with a certificate for the Awakening Award. The three counties that have the highest scores and have not applied in the past three years would be eligible for this award and receive a certificate recognizing their achievements.

The Outstanding County Young Farmer application is available for download.

Applications should be completed and emailed to odt@infb.org by September 30.