Other Important Issues - Funding for Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Purdue University



Purdue University manages, on behalf of the people of the state of Indiana, the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH), which is a hub for exceptional engagement, learning and scientific discovery. People across the state and country bring large and small animals to the hospital for care and treatment or to receive help and advice from the hospital’s ambulatory service. The VTH is a learning environment where livestock, pets, and their owners intersect with some of the world’s brightest young people pursuing careers in veterinary practice, public health and food safety, academia, and medical research. Functioning as the real‐world interface between the classroom and clinical practice for future practitioners and specialists, this facility provides a gateway to veterinary careers.


The VTH’s potential to benefit the people of Indiana and Purdue University is dependent on the size and quality of its facilities, and the ability to introduce new technology. Most of the hospital is more than a half-century old. Because of the college’s extraordinary faculty and staff, care standards have been maintained, but the noticeable deficiencies of the hospital’s physical plant are making this increasingly difficult. Moreover, the last three accreditation site visit teams (2004, 2011 and 2018) from the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA-COE) have recommended that Purdue address its aging and outdated teaching hospital. In fact, during the exit interview with the site visit team in October 2018, Purdue was told that they MUST REPLACE the small animal and large animal hospitals to receive its next accreditation. Indiana Farm Bureau policy states, “We support building a new veterinary teaching hospital and classroom facilities at Purdue University.”


Purdue University’s request for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the 2019-2021 biennium is $73 million in cash, bonding authority, or a combination thereof, to complement the Purdue University investment approved in August of 2017 of $35 million. The total hospital cost will be $108 million for a total of 175,290 gross square feet of new hospital construction, including space for large animal, small animal and food animal care. The hospital will be located just east of Lynn Hall and 47,400 gross square feet of renovated space in Lynn Hall.


Talking Points:

  • Veterinary Medicine is essential to the agricultural industry as a cornerstone of Indiana’s economy.
  • This facility is one of only 30 U.S. veterinary schools, and one of only four U.S. programs that trains the entire veterinary team. It is the only veterinary college in Indiana.
  • This project is essential to continued accreditation of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • This frontline facility protects Indiana’s 22,400 farms producing livestock, poultry and related products, which are valued at $3.68 billion.
  • Collectively, Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and its alumni had a total economic output of $476.9 million in 2014; PVM and its alumni contributed a net of $311.4 million to the state’s GDP.
  • Work being done at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital plays a critical role in moving discoveries from the laboratory to clinical applications and commercialization, especially in the area of Drug Discovery (a focus of PurdueMoves).
  • Clinical research is completed here and discoveries, such as the development of new drugs, can be moved from the laboratory to real‐world application for the advancement of animal and human health.


Key Message/ Ask:

Indiana Farm Bureau supports the General Assembly fully funding the request of Purdue University to build a new, state-of-the-art small and large animal veterinary teaching hospital.


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